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David Beckham Is Practically Naked In His H&M Ads (We’re Not Complaining)


reality is girls have stretch marks and instead of shaming and photo shopping people should accept and embrace it.

women are beautiful as fuck.



Another weekend is around the corner, and I’m looking forward to some relaxation after all the running around I did last weekend. I’m doing a maternity photoshoot on Saturday but otherwise, my schedule is wide open. It’ll be a nice feeling to have lots of unscheduled of blocks time to do whatever my heart desires. As a lifelong perpetual planner, in the past, this would have been unnerving but as I get older, I truly think I’m starting to go with the flow more (although friends & family might think differently!).

I’m definitely thinking about doing one or two DIYs but not sure exactly what they’ll be just yet. But all of the options above from around the blogosphere this week would be great ones. Catch you back here on Monday and wishing you all a well rested, happy weekend! 

DIY Fresh Donut Favors from You Are My Fave

DIY Hanging Spider Balloons from Studio DIY

DIY Fabric Lined Dresser Drawers from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Pencil Bouquet from The House That Lars Built

Apple Pie Topper DIY from Oh Happy Day

DIY Canvas Ipad Case from Say Yes to Hoboken

(All photos from respective blogs linked to above)

(Source: explorehandmade, via diyforthesoul)







This happened right down the street from my house.
I went to school with him.
I even spoke to him a few times.
Everybody who knew him said he was a really good kid.
Keep spreading this.


oh well isn’t this fucked

i got an anon ask about this the other day and i did hella research on it, shits fucked up.

Florida’s been on everyone’s shit list lately. Stop fucking up Florida.

he went to my school, so sad ):
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